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Hello everypony, Nice to meet ya I'm dashie4vever :3 and yes, I'm a brony! Love making art and sometimes writing literature. Not all my work will be MLP related as I'll be working of a mixture of art. I've not been doing much of that lately. so yh, any haters will be ignored or blocked.

DA Buddies: :iconcolt731: :iconimp344: :iconburnoutprime7: :iconterror--bite: :iconopossumprincess: :iconnekkocatgirl: :iconstormgemios1343: :iconskyshazer: :iconbrittanymiller5: :iconeclipseponyart: :iconcatlover34570: :iconthatponyuknow: :iconkonics: :iconcpljohnner: :iconlantaniel: :icondiana-626: :iconwafflesandcupcakes: :iconvikkerz: :icontomdepl: :icondekra234: :iconthezeroteam: :iconcheekymoomoo:

The pony that brought me here: :iconkonics: :3

Deviants I know in real life: :iconsaturnsunset: :iconhagady: :iconsplosions:

If ur names not up here, I apologize ! Luv u all really :3

so yh, I plan to do more and hope to be more involved in my work. To konics I am forever grateful that he brought me to his group and to all those watching my page thank you! :). Here are some of my Favorite quotes listed bellow;

1)"To live in the hearts we leave behind is to never die"~Carl Sagon (RIP)

2)"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"~ Dr Souse

3)"Some men just want to watch the world burn"~Alfred, the Dark knight

4)"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough"~ Anonymous

5)"Friendship isn't easy but there's no doubt its worth fighting for"~ Twilight Sparkle ;D

Upcoming Projects and pictures;
:bulletgreen: short story.
:bulletorange: Art trade for :iconthatponyUKnowplz:
:bulletorange: Assassins creed artwork.

Party.Mov is Out!!…
Sup guys?? It's been a while!^^ As many off you have already noticed, tis my birthday today, So I thought I'd write a journal for the first time in almost six months... Yes I know I'm lazy. .__.

So a lot off you where probably wondering where the hell I've been at?? Well Mainly work! Now I know I've used that excuse a lot lately, but this Monday is my Final French and RE paper and then I've done that subject! The last one will be Maths, So Yeah! I cannot contain my excitement for when that final day has come.^^

But seriously though, I've missed talking to a lot of you guys since I almost never have the time anymore! And it's a pain in the ass because every single on off you are so freakin' Awesome! But I never have the time these days, so feel free to drop a comment on my page and I'll make sure to respond.

Another reason, and thing I'd like to add,( and well this is kind off a confession to make to :iconthezeroteam: because I said I wouldn't... but felt it neccicary since I'm a control freak and shiz like that! So PLEASE DON'T HATE ME! :C). I have created another account which can be found here; :iconholderofawesome:, Now the reason I did this was for one reason and that was to keep my Pony stuff and my other interest's separate, so I made this account. On it I'll be doing work such as Adventure time, Bravest warriors and various other shizzle I like!^^

BUT!!!!! And this is a big ASS BUTT HERE!!!

That doesn't mean I'll be abandoning any off you guys on this account. I'm still here, and I plan to stay! Currently I have a commision to complete for TheZeroTeam~ anyways, and I also plan on Making a few new OC's into the picture!^^

Current OC's As Stated are;

Thunder Streak
Storm Streak

(and that's about it to far... yeah...)
But I have a few new one's planned, along with a few updates.


Storm streak when she's Older.
Scar (Thunder's Enemy from the past; more info will come up later if you don't already know)
And three knew OC's yet to Come about!^^ All Shall be revealed soon!

But anyways, that's about it! If you honestly couldn't give a cat's ballsack about all off the above then I do apolgies for wasting your time (if I did) <.<, But Yeah!!

Love all you guys, Again sorry for not being on as much as I should, But I'll try my best for both Accounts!
P.S. I'm currenly writing a Adventure time Fanfiction at the moment, just to throw that out there :')

Thanks for your time!!


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